Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of December

1 Yennefer 151
2 DoKeN1312 149
3 quip 145
4 Nathaniel 128
5 Zolker 108

Events and bonuses at April 2018!

Toxic Events and bonuses from the 1st April of 2018 to the 1st May of 2018

+25% Bonus of cols for all donations from the 1st April of 2018 to the 1st May of 2018!
Write email to [email protected], write your account name and donation amount for get a bonus!

In Game Waiting for you:
x3 reward for Video contest, make video and get more cols!
x3 quest items drop for Quest of Varka Ketra (for new Olympiad Sets)!
x2 reward of cols for Olympiad farm at April period!
x2 drop of ancient tome of the demon (dynasty items quest)! (will change after next server restart)

First 15 RB hunters will get reward New Hat(any you like)!
If you will be at top 15 RB hunetrs in the end of month, write email to [email protected],
with your nickname and hat you want to get like reward!

From the 1st of March we cancel reward Premium ticket for 150 RBs from hunting Event!